Level I.

    1."I" Pattern Tiger Control Boxing Form
    2. Tiger Control Counterstrike Boxing Form

Level II.

    1. Yeuhng Family Fifth Lordís Eight Trigram Pole
    2. Commander's Knife
    3. Tiger and Crane Twin Patterns Boxing Form
    4. Single-Headed Pole Counterstrike
    5. Knife Vs. Spear Counterstrike

Level III.

    1. Plum Blossom Long-Handled Broadsword
    2. Goi Chung's Great Walking Moon Double Knives
    3. Five-Pattern Boxing Form
    4. Long-Handled Broadsword Vs. Spear Counterstrike
    5. Double Knives Vs. Spear Counterstrike

Level IV.

    1. Yiuh Family Tiger Fork
    2. Cross Pattern Single Steel Whip
    3. Ten-Pattern Boxing Form
    4. Tiger and Crane Counterstrike Boxing Form
    5. Double Daggers Vs. Spear Counterstrike

Level V.

    1. Side-Headed Long Bridge Bench
    2. Plum Blossom Double Dragon Knives
    3. Iron Wire Boxing Form
    4. Plum Blossom Double Steel Whips
    5. General Gwaan's Spring-Autumn Long-Handled Broadsword

Auxiliary Forms

    1. Lauh Family Boxing Form
    2. Lauh Family Single Headed Pole
    3. War Palm Boxing Form
    4. Jau Family Butterfly Knives

    1. Praying Mantis "Bang Bouh" Boxing Form
    2. Traveller's Stick
    3. Double-Headed Stick Counterstrike
    4. Si Family Plum Blossom Spear
    5. Pek Gwa Willow Leaf Knife
    6. Gwan Leuhn Mountain Sword
    7. Life Gate Sword

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