Grandmaster Lam Cho has passed away at 103

We regret to announce that Grandmaster Lam Cho has passed away,
at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, at 2:15 pm on 29/03/2012, at the
venerable age of one-hundred-and-three. Although he has passed,
his spirit lives on, through his work, through his family, and through his students worldwide. Our deepest condolences to his family, and our
heartfelt appreciation for all that he has done.    - Michael Goodwin

Grandmaster Lam Cho's 100th Birthday Celebration

Grandmaster Lam Cho, the living legend of Hung Gar, celebrated his 100th birthday in Hong Kong on February 12, 2009. Hundreds of Hung Gar sifus and students from all over the world traveled to Hong Kong to pay their respects and to join Grandmaster Lam Cho at his birthday celebration and banquet held at a restaurant in Mongkok, close to the Lam Family school.

The celebration opened with a traditional Lion Dance in honor of Grandmaster Lam Cho, after which the Grandmaster and his guests enjoyed a spectacular display of Lam Family traditional gung fu by practitioners from Europe, the United Kingdom, several Asian nations and, of course, the extensive Hong Kong Hung Gar community. Four hours of demonstrations and presentations to Grandmaster Lam Cho were followed by a memorable birthday feast.

Notable guests included Finance Secretary of Hong Kong John Tsang and Hong Kong martial arts film star Gordon Liu Jiahui.


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